It's Not All Sunshine & Rainbows

Believe it or not, it's not all sunshine and rainbows

Being a Domme/Dominatrix/ProDomme/Mistress is a lot of work. We may make it look like a walk in the park because people like to think that Our lives are perfect. Hell, We help promote the fantasy of the perfect and easy life. However, just like any job, some days just flat out suck.

Oh, good old (or new) social media. I was not tech savvy once upon a time. I had no clue how to make or maintain a website. I didn't know how to use twitter or any of the clip or phone sites I use. I cannot believe how attached to My work phone I have to be. I check My social media and emails all the time. I want to make sure I respond if someone wants to book a session with Me. If I wait too long, unless he really wants to see Me in particular, he'll find someone else to session with and I'll miss out on making money.

Let's not forget about content. I take so many pictures of Myself and My life now. I attend professional photoshoots. The world doesn't wait. They want to see everything all the time. You always have to throw out something new. Filming is its own beast. There's outfits, constant new ideas, lighting, angles, filming, uploading, editing, and posting all over social media.

People want your time for free or at a discounted rate. Obviously, this doesn't apply to everyone but it applies to a lot of people. The amount of emails and messages with demanding and rude people vastly outnumbers those from polite and kind humans. I've received so many threats from strangers on the internet when I won't do something for free or cheaper than I've already stated. Everything from name calling, rape threats, family threats, doxxing threats, and murder threats. These people are usually cowards but I take photos of these conversations, block them, and use VPN to hide My location while on the internet.

In person sessions can be stressful. Screening takes time. You have to schedule with your client and the dungeon owner. Getting a date and time that works for everyone can be a colossal pain. After you decide on a time you get to play the what payment apps do you have to send Me a deposit. I usually resort to gift cards as it tends to be easiest. You use a lot of energy during a session and some clients are beyond draining. Some clients don't tip even when they are regulars or enjoy their time with you. (Is SW the only industry where people don't tip?) Then there are those who smell horrible or take too long to leave after a session so you're scrambling to be prepared for your next client.

Lastly, the anti-SW people. Anyone from a nosey neighbor, landlord, or real estate agent to a family member, acquaintance, or coworker can be judgmental and make your life hell. You may not be allowed to take out a loan, join a certain bank, or rent somewhere. You can be shunned by family or friends. You can get fired from your vanilla job. You may have people who find out about your work look at you in disgust or make thinly veiled jokes about you. Certain people won't date or marry you. You can feel very isolated.

Despite all of these reasons, along with others I cannot think of at the moment, I love My profession. This isn't a punch in and punch out job for Me. This is a buy toys and outfits, take classes regularly, read all I can business. This is something I am passionate about. So, remember that as awesome as SWers are, We're people too. Don't be rude and always tip!

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