About Me

Power isn't forced. It doesn't scream. It doesn't demand the spotlight. Power is subtle. It does not need to be announced. It has nothing to prove.

It is quiet and constant. 

Dominatrix Lady Valencia

Welcome to my world consisting of fantasy, fetishes, kink, and power exchange. A place where you're able to be yourself without being judged (unless that's what you're into). A place where you can escape and step into a reality that we create. A place where your secrets can come out and play.

I don't care what you look like or how old you are (as long as you're of legal age). I don't care about who you are to the "normal" world. 

I care about the important things. I care about how kind, polite, and respectful you are. I care about your ability to follow instructions. I care that you read my website thoroughly, don't try to haggle, and send a deposit. I care that you show up to our session on time with good hygiene. I care that you're honest on my apply page. I care that you use your safe word when you need to.

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