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Power isn't forced. It doesn't scream. It doesn't demand the spotlight. Power is subtle. It does not need to be announced. It has nothing to prove.

It is quiet and constant. 

Dominatrix Lady Valencia

Welcome to my world consisting of fantasy, fetish, kink, and power exchange. A place where you're able to be yourself without being judged (unless that's what you're into). A place where you can escape and step into a reality that we create. A place where your secrets can come out and play.

I have been into bdsm my entire adult life and have dominated professionally on and off since. I don't have a set domination style. I gravitate toward laughing but kind sadist. However, I'm not sadistic with all of my submissives. Sometimes I'm more sensual and sometimes sessions focus more on humiliation. I tend to feed off of clients and adjust my domination style accordingly. 

My sessions incorporate what a submissive is looking for in a session but they are not dictated by them. I am open to session ideas but I will not be following a script. Think of it as a client making the outline but me writing it.

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