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My Specialties



Sadomasochism is my number one passion, and I enjoy it more than anything. I love ballbusting, CBT, corporal punishment, spanking, bastinado, slapping, caning, scratching, cropping, flogging, rough nipple play, trampling, and more. 


Foot Fetish 

I enjoy bringing a man to my feet, figuratively and literally. I enjoy having my heels, boots, and feet worshipped. Although, unsurprisingly, trampling is my favorite foot activity. I even won "Most Photogenic Feet".


Financial Domination

There's something so erotic about it. It's the ultimate form of power exchange. Money is our livelihood. Someone willing to sacrifice something they need for something that I want is incredibly hot. I love cash meets, human ATMs, and the more traditional pay pigs.



I enjoy humiliating submissives verbally and physically. Physically I like making them service strap-ons, "oink" for me, get off in weird ways, attempt work outs, send me money, and more. Verbally I enjoy mocking them, calling them "losers"/"sluts"/etc, and using baby talk on them.

I also enjoy:



-Corporal Punishment





-Nipple torment



-Face slapping


-Hair Pulling

-Light choking




-Tease and Denial


-Forced O

-O Denial


-Clothed smothering



-Body shaming



-Slave training

-Receiving foot and leg massages

-Foot worship


-Role play

Don't see something you're looking for listed?

Just ask.

I do not offer:

-Brown, ruby, or golden showers

-Nudity on my part


-Submitting, bottoming, or switching on my end



-Medical play

-Cuckolding (Unless in a findom way)

-Race play


-Heavy choking


-Home wrecking

-Rope play beyond basic tying

Limits are always respected. Negotiationing will happen before the session, and during it if necessary. You may choose your own safe word, sound, or action, or I will assign one to you. I do not participate in abuse. Consent is mandatory and communication is key. 

Show up on time, have good hygiene, be polite and respectful, and we will have a great time.

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