My Specialties



Often dismissed, it is the ultimate form of power exchange. Money is a necessary and important resource in life. When a man financially sacrifices something that impacts his day to day life, and needs in order to survive he is showing Me how important I am to him. He is placing My needs and comfort above his own.


Corporal Punishment:

I love being the strict disciplinarian who puts men in their place. Perhaps I'm a teacher at a catholic school who hits you with a ruler or canes you when you misbehave. Maybe I'm a nanny who bends you over and spanks you when you don't listen. I could be a military commander who smacks or flogs you when you step out of line.


Sissification and Crossdressing:

Whether you're looking to get in touch with your Feminine side or crave embarrassment I am the perfect Domme for you. I love being sensual by applying makeup, training sissies on how to act, and dressing them up. On the humiliation side I enjoy teaching them how to please men and going anywhere from embarrassing them to degrading them.



A powerful and useful tool to keep or make a man humble. Sometimes something playful like mocking, teasing, or laughing. Other times using words to cut like knives and ordering tasks so degrading that he must push himself to succeed. 

Note: I only do humiliation play with those who have healthy self-esteem. 



The ultimate way to remind a man how truly weak he is. His most prized possessions are his downfall. He boasts and brags in public but keels over in pain behind closed doors. A kick or something more elaborate easily brings him to his knees. 


Foot Worship and Trampling:

The best way to have you literally at My feet. Maybe you're sensual and massaging, kissing, sniffing, and tasting My feet gets you going. You may prefer something more intense like being trampled, gagging on My feet, or getting foot slapped in the face. 

I also enjoy:





-Tease and denial

-Role play


-Body shaming

-Pet play

-Leather restraints


-Clothed smothering

-Breath play


-Face slapping

-Nipple torment

-Kidnap and interrogation play

-Hair pulling

-Gags and gagging

-Human furniture


-Consensual non-consent


-Castration FANTASY

-Double and multiple Domme

Don't see something you're looking for listed?

Just ask.

My hard limits are: brown showers, ruby showers, submitting or bottoming, being touched anywhere without permission, race play, wrestling, any kind of nudity on My part, and anything illegal, 

Limits are always respected. Negotiationing will happen before the session, and during it if necessary. You may choose your own safe word, sound, or action, or I will assign one to you. I do not participate in abuse. Consent is mandatory and communication is key. 

Show up on time, have good hygiene, be polite and respectful, and W/we'll have a great time.