My Specialties




S&M is my number one passion. I love the control, trust, and connection that it entails. I love lighter and heavier play. Perhaps your current level is only an OTK spanking or maybe you can take a whipping, caning, or CBT. I enjoy it all. My longterm subs have all learned to enjoy pain, as it pleases me the most.


Tease and Denial

I love the power that comes from tease and denial. Having one restrained, maybe even in chastity, teased mercilessly, and desperate for a release.



Oh, the joy of chastity! It plays so well with tease and denial. It keeps one focused and desperate to please me. Will I allow you to be unlocked? Maybe. Maybe not.


Foot Fetish

I enjoy bringing a man to my feet, figuratively and literally. I enjoy having my heels, boots, and feet worshipped. Although, unsurprisingly, trampling is my favorite foot activity. As a Foot Night International favorite, I won the "2020 Most Photogenic Feet" award. I also regularly attend foot nights.

I also enjoy:




-Role play


-Body shaming

-Leather restraints



-Face slapping

-Nipple torment

-Hair pulling

-Gags and gagging

-Human furniture


-Consensual non-consent

-Castration FANTASY

-Double and multiple Domme

Don't see something you're looking for listed?

Just ask.

My hard limits are: brown showers, ruby showers, submitting or bottoming, sex (including oral), race play, wrestling, any kind of nudity on My part, and anything illegal, 

Limits are always respected. Negotiationing will happen before the session, and during it if necessary. You may choose your own safe word, sound, or action, or I will assign one to you. I do not participate in abuse. Consent is mandatory and communication is key. 

Show up on time, have good hygiene, be polite and respectful, and W/we'll have a great time.