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"How Can I Get Trained By You?"

"I want to be trained by you! I want to serve you!"

Do you really though? Is it just an idea for your spank bank? Does the desire come and go depending on how horny you are? Do you actually want to change for the better, as a person and submissive? How much time and effort are you willing to put into your training? Are you selfish, expecting to get trained for free? Can you commit to a schedule and devote time to your training everyday?

Yes, training does cost money. However, just because you pay Me doesn't mean I will accept you as a trainee. I'm not a particularly patient person. It's one thing when a submissive tries Her/his hardest and can't complete a task or doesn't do it perfectly. It's another when a submissive is being a lazy fuck or doesn't care enough to bother. you have to want to serve Me. you have to want to change. you have to want to be a better person. you have to want to be a better submissive. If you aren't motivated to change then I won't help you.

"Okay, I really do want to change! What now?"

One can't improve Her/himself without knowing where one is at in life. So the first thing I do is see where you're at in life. Strengths. Weaknesses. Accomplishments. Then W/we discuss your goals and what you wish to improve upon as a person and as a submissive. Each submissive is different. I don't do a one plan fits all program.

Each Thursday you'll be given weekly tasks and your progress will be reviewed. Tasks will be tweaked based on progress. Some tasks you'll always have. Some will be short-term. Every Friday you'll pay your weekly tribute to Me for training you. It usually consists of you sending an Amazon or Visa gift card to My email address.

If all goes well after approximately six months you'll start a trial period of being owned by Me. If you keep improving and stepping up then within about three more months you may earn the privilege of being Mine. I expect all Los Angeles submissives to session with Me at a dungeon at least one hour per month. All submissives, even after ownership, will pay a weekly tribute on Fridays. My submissives may earn the right to attend classes, parties, and events with Me. They may even be allowed to travel with Me or visit Me in LA for prolonged periods.

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