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My First Performance

Performance With Miss Joi and My masochist at The Complex

Last night was My first public performance in a room packed full of voyeurs. Performing with Miss Joi and My favorite masochist was beyond magical and anything I've ever experienced. It was a fairytale. Well, a BDSM version of one.

Miss Joi and I had an idea of what We would do but did not rehearse and definitely did plenty of improvising during it. We knew My masochist's pain tolerance, what he was okay with, and what his limits were. We had Our toys and instruments laid out on a table next to Us for Us to choose from. Everything from fire, paddles, butt plugs, strap-ons, floggers, whips, and a knife. My masochist was naked and Miss Joi and I wore masks, lingerie, garter belts, stockings, and heels.

The scene began with Us fastening him to a St. Andrews Cross with his back exposed. I grabbed the knife and ran it up and down his body slowly and sensually. I stepped back and Miss Joi did fire play on him. I ran My claws up and down his body leaving deep red marks. We paddled him, flogged him, caned him, and whipped him. Then Miss Joi inserted a butt plug into him while I whispered to him from behind the cross.

We uncuffed him, flipped him around so his front was facing Us, and refastened him. We choked him, face slapped him, ran Our nails all over him, and repeatedly kicked him in the balls. He was putty by this point and very deep in subspace. He was on a whole other planet.

Then We uncuffed him and brought him over to the spiderweb (the piece of furniture in the picture) and made him lay front side up (We were nice enough to put a mat underneath him). We trampled his chest and balls with Our heels on. I took off My heels at one point to stand on his face and to jump hard and repeatedly on his chest.

When We finished standing on him We took him over to a different mat closer to the audience. Miss Joi switched out his butt plug for a different one that inflated and used it on him. We both put Our strap-ons on and Miss Joi removed the inflatable butt plug. We spit roasted him while he was doggy style. I used his ass and She used his throat.

A few minutes later We completed Our act. I kissed him on the cheek and Miss Joi placed him in a cage. I was so lost in it I was only focused on him and what Miss Joi and I were doing. I completely forgot We were performing in front of a room full of people. Everyone clapped and came up and complimented Us.

In short, it was an unforgettable experience that I will never forget. I'm so grateful to Miss Joi, My masochist, and The Complex for making it happen. It was an extremely hot, sensual, and sexual performance. I'm still on cloud nine a day later.

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3 opmerkingen

Thank You Dear Mistress for explaining it to this slave!

It is clear now and makes sense, we men are very basic and i again thank for the privilege of being taught.

At Your Feet and Mercy


Lady Valencia
Lady Valencia
23 sep. 2019


He isn't someone who is lucky. He is someone who has proven himself and therefore earned the privilege. It was filmed a little but the quality wasn't good.


Dear Mistress,

I loved the way You describe the event. Being a natural slave and slut used to be in the place of Your masochist, i imagined the event and i wished i could have the chance of attending!

Was it filmed taking all the moments You so clearly narrated?

As i always think, this guy is a fortunate human being.

At Your Feet,


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