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How To Be A Good Client

I made a twitter post regarding this a few weeks ago. It is so important that I will post it here.


-Thoroughly research the Domme you are interested in serving and follow Her protocol on how to contact Her.

-Introduce yourself in a polite and well written or spoken method of Her choice.

-Make sure to address Her by Her preferred title (Mistress/Goddess/Dominatrix/etc.).

-Plan ahead. No one likes when you try to book a last minute appointment with them.

-Complete Her screening and deposit practice eagerly and without complaint.

-Be flexible about when you can session. She has a life too.

-Confirm your appointment with Her the day of.

-Arrive on time; too early and She'll be ending a session or preparing for yours, too late and you'll cut your time short.

-Show up freshly showered and well groomed while wearing clean clothes.

-Set Her financial tribute for the session down on a table/desk/etc. before the session begins. Do not hand it to Her.

-Communicate your wants/needs/limits to Her before and during the session.

-Be respectful and listen to Her during the session. This includes obeying Her and not being a smart ass.

-Do not be embarrassed to say "yellow", "red", or your safe word during a session. She isn't a mind reader. We can't always tell if you don't tell Us.

-After the session don't linger. By all means lay down or sit until you get your bearings and drink some water but don't dilly dally. Get dressed and say goodbye in a timely matter. She needs to clean up and may have a client or something to do after.

-Leave Her a tip or present. Can be sent electronically later that day as well.

-Email Her to thank Her for the session, and to tell Her what did and didn't work during it.

-Make sure to reschedule with Her and recommend Her to others.


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